Under one roof

The request was to design an 8000 m² art gallery dedicated to the Belgian visual artist Ann Veronica Janssens in the heart of the urban fabric of Turin. The project is inspired by the fragility of his work "Tropical Moonlight". 

The building is designed as a massive concrete roof resting on fine posts taking up no time. These are taken up by bracing concrete blocks. This roof has variable inertia seems to float above the permanent and temporary exhibitions. 

The box structure is highlighted by a path of light that guides the architectural walk. In addition, these holes accentuate the effect of fragility around the dilation zones.

Location : Turin

Project Year : 2017

Workshop : Master 2

Professors : Pascaline Faux, Olivier Gallez, Olivier Laloux, Bernard Wittevrongel et Arnd Amand