The Urban Toolbox

Today, the redevelopment of railway wasteland is a solution to reduce urban sprawl by densifying cities. 

It is through a regional approach and analysis at different scales that the theoretical question explores the various challenges and potential development of the city of Wattrelos in the coming years, particularly in the European metropolis of Lille. 

The wasteland of Wattrelos is illuminated by its strategic location in the metropolis and its sinuous layout in the city. There is a big gap between the potential it gives off and its current use. The project tries to connect the existing urban fabric while taking into consideration the different landscapes that the wasteland go through. This one wants to be a nascent axis of soft mobility, against a development of the road network more and more dense, by proposing a main public space grafting with the existing infrastructures and connecting the three parcels of the wasteland. From the most landscaped to the most industrial, passing through the urban heart of Wattrelos, the old line is punctuated by a variety of public spaces that strengthens its relationship to the city. At the regional level, the choice of the program strengthens the cultural and economic dynamics of the city of Wattrelos with the desire to bring back the use of education and culture in its heart: crafts, universities, offices, cinema, leisure centers. At the local level, the goal is to continue the social approach initiated by the town by bringing diversity and activities in connection with different neighborhoods and public spaces.

Location : Wattrelos (France)

Project Year : 2018

Workshop : Master 2 TFE

Professors : Olivier Bourez & Renaud Pleitinx

Promoteur : Bernard Wittevrongel