The Social Toolbox

 The New Artisal city: the question asked is to re-examine the business center of the Swedish capital. "The five trumpets" are today monuments to the effigy of a modern era become almost obsolete. What to do with this national heritage? What role can these five towers play in a capitalist world to re-question? 

The project is above all a very detailed analysis of the existing context. We are in the heart of the city of Stockholm at the foot of 5 towers with large shops on the ground floor and offices on the upper floors. A busy life the day for an agonizing inactivity at night. A mono functionality to review while the housing crisis is raging in the capital. 

During the study, the towers are laid bare; the structure offering reversibility becomes the raw material of the project. This is a long-term development system, a toolkit with a manual explaining the transition process. 

This catalog proposes a new way of living: compact private cells revolving around generous collective spaces, offering everyone more living space while making the project viable. Wood thus invests the place, this local material spared in modern times is important in this renewal. 

The project is developing from year to year on an eminently reversible principle reinforcing the resilience of these towers. It is by no means the finite answer of an architectural vision. On the contrary, it will only be enriched by the diversity of future interventions. 

So it's up to you!

Location : Stockholm (Sweden)

Project Year : 2017

Workshop : Master 1

Professors : Ludovic Blanckeart, Jérome de Alzua et Zoé Declercq

Jury : Mia Hagg, Jan Aman et Axel Wolgers