Saint-Maur's covered market

The question asked was to design a "home for all" in a Belgian village with a very pronounced agricultural character. This small entity, Saint-Maur, on the outskirts of Tournai has the distinction of having the largest "green square" in Belgium. The 300 inhabitants of this village benefit today from the presence of a primary school, a bistro, a church and numerous farms. 

The project by its implantation allows to bring a clear space favorable to the meeting around various events in front of the church, terrace of the bistro and covered hall. This roof hosts a shared kitchen but also allows to cover different types of programs: covered markets, summer concerts, play area, ... 

The purpose of the shared kitchen is to bring together around the issue of food: local cuisine offering the opportunity to the inhabitants to deal directly with local producers thus promoting a sustainable circular economy.

Location : Saint-Maur (Belgium)

Project Year : 2016

Workshop : Master 1

Professors : Olivier Camus & Damien Surrocca