Jour & Nuit de l'Architecture 2018

The JNDA and its 34th edition: as every year for more than thirty years students in Master of Architecture (UCL LOCI Tournai), have invested a unique place in the center of Tournai. 

Between cultural exhibitions during the day and musical festival at night, the JNDA 2018 has continued the tradition by taking possession of a disused place to revive it for 24 hours ... 

In addition to participating in the construction site and organization during the event, the role occupied during this experience was to develop as a team all the communication of the JNDA 2018: presentation visuals (flyers posters, business cards, artists), presence on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, website), development of the JNDA 2018 product line (k-way, t-shirt, eco-cup, cap, ...) and presentation of the event in the region (organization of small events in Lille, presentation in the surrounding schools).

Location : Tournai (Belgium)

Event Year : 2018

Team JNDA 2018