Rammed Earth

The project at the Tamesloht "Fiers et Forts" center in the Marrakech region consists of the design and construction of adobe walls. The request was simple: physically delimit the storage space of the recreational space without any budget with total freedom. 

The soil presents in abundance in all the village composes the three unaligned simple walls. These are of different heights sometimes to hide sometimes to create a base. The walls are implanted in ways to form different spaces: a bike storage space and a "shoes" space, both separated from the court space. 

The construction process includes the construction of drainage soles, a preliminary preparation of the soil (humidification and mixing of two types of soil), erection / dismantling of the formworks, the construction of the walls with a traditional wooden rammer and finally the application of a tadelakt (impregnated lime plaster) at the wall of the wall.

Location : Tamesloht, Marrakech

Project Year : 2018

Team : Pilar Camarneira Nabais, Charlotte Chambard, Louise Delbarre, Alex Dessers, Delphine Dubois, Charles Gaeremynck, Astrid Garin, Pierrick Samier