Emergency Housing in Paraguay

Honorable mention of FLEXIBILITY


The goal is to provide a small bamboo habitat with the simplest space and the most pleasant to live. To do this, we have oriented the space by placing the fixed furniture along the longitudinal walls, which offers a large central versatile space. 

But we wanted to go further by offering a basic prototype linked to local resources such as bamboo and loofah cultivation. These cultures are an integral part of the proposed architecture. 

The idea is to produce construction materials on the site, at no cost, for the construction of future houses or to develop the basic prototype. This principle also creates activity and encourages the establishment of social links between different families. 

The project also aims to respond to deforestation problems; bamboo is a solid grass with rapid growth and spread. 

Each house is free to develop according to its needs, following a linear pattern. They can add more crops, larger covered outdoor spaces and enlarge their original interior space. While the frame ensures an organized development and a harmony between the different dwellings. The goal is to design a set that is not a hazardous emergency shelter center, but rather a village in the making.

Developer : ARCHsharing in collaboration with TECHO Paraguay

Location : Paraguay

Project Year : 2018

Lead Architects : Cyrillus Carpreau, Alex Dessers & Théo Veillé